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This ‘way too skinny’ Kendall Jenner picture had everyone worried

By Siena Mason


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I’ve always thought that Kendall Jenner has a great body.

But when I saw this borderline ‘anorexic’ picture surfaced online, I got genuinely concerned.

She was getting way too thin!

You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Kendall Jenner looking very skinny
Instagram / kardashianvideo

Kendall barely had any flesh left and her legs, well, they look very boney.

I wasn’t the only one thinking this way either.

What other people said

I don’t feel this is a good image to show it will get backlash as it makes her look anorexic. And give out wrong vibes. Kendall is a stunning beautiful girl and this does her no justice at all.

This fan shared the same thought.

Don’t get me wrong. I love her she is beautiful . And skinny girls are beautiful too but this image does her no justice, make her look sick . And not good for other young girls either.

So did this one.

Yeah, really why so skinny like

And this.

Wtf is this a lizard standing?

Ok, this user probably went a bit too far.

Something wasn’t right about that picture though

It didn’t take long for someone to notice that the photo looked kind of funny and was somehow distorted…by the mirror.

Uhhhhh is this a funhouse mirror?

To be honest, I kind of knew it when I had my second or third look. Just like this fan did.

No, it’s not!!!! The mirror is distorted. Skin and bones. Kendall looks so much better!

It turns out they were right.

Kendall is perfectly fine.

Really fine.

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