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Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery

She is still gorgeous.

Okay, I’m the biggest fan of Charlize Theron so even if she did get plastic surgery, I honestly don’t care.

This woman is my definition of true beauty.

But, I also want to know if she has had any work done.

Before and After Pictures

I have done the below comparisons on Charlize to see if there is anything unnatural about her face and body. Check it out.

Has Charlize Theron had a nose job?

Charlize Theron nose job before and after photo comparison comparison photo

Not sure if you noticed this, but Charlize’s nose looks slightly thinner than her younger days. This is quite clear on her nose bridge.

At first, I thought she did have a nose job. However, she seems to have lost some baby fat on her face too. I believe this is what contributed to the thinner nose.

Otherwise, the tip and overall shape look similar.

Did Charlize have botox?

Charlize Theron botox before and after photo comparison

I think it’s very likely that Charlize had gotten botox injections in recent years.

She seems to have regained some fat on her cheeks but I don’t see much difference in her body mass. So this could be the fillers doing the tricks.

If it’s true, then it certainly helped with the wrinkles and small dents around her jawline.

Did she get a face lift?

Charlize Theron face lift before and after photo comparison

Since the actress is still in her 40s, I don’t think she has reached the age yet to even consider such a procedure.

I haven’t seen any sagging on Charlize’s face either, so she doesn’t need a facelift at all.

This is an easy ‘No’ from me.

What about a boob job?

Charlize Theron boob job before and after photo comparison

Most people would agree that Charlize has a fantastic body shape.

But it’s clear that she never had a boob job even in her early days. If anything, her boobs seem to have lost their firmness.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll consider a breast lift in the future.

Final Thoughts

I’m just gonna say it.

There is no evidence to suggest that Charlize has done anything invasive. The only cosmetic surgery I’m suspecting here is botox.

She is a natural beauty and that’s it.

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