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9 Handsome Chris Hemsworth Long Hair Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Don’t argue with me.

In my eyes, Chris Hemsworth is the most handsome actor in the last decade, or two.

But ever since Thor left the big screens, I kind of forgot what he looks like with long hair. So, I decided to refresh my memory.

Consider this your lucky day!

1. Fat Thor with dirty blonde

Chris Hemsworth as fat Thor with dirty blonde hair

Haha! I’m sorry.

I just couldn’t help myself by starting this with a fat Thor who had long dirty blonde hair that almost looks like dreadlocks.

But hey…he still looks charming, right?

2. Deadly Smile

Chris Hemsworth with a deadly smile

Okay, let’s get serious now.

Here is a picture of Chris in his earlier days and this deadly smile almost killed me.

Actually, I’m already dead.

3. Tying up a mini ponytail bun

Chris Hemsworth tied a mini ponytail bun

What happens when you have long hair and try to look presentable?

Like Chris, you can tie it up into a mini ponytail with a cute bun at the end.

4. Interview with “Another” vampire

Chris Hemsworth looks like a vampire

Not sure if you can remember the classic movie “Interview With The Vampire”, starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Well, Chris can easily be ‘another’ vampire.

They all had long hair and look equally handsome.

5. If Chris was broke and homeless

Chris Hemsworth looking like a homeless man

I know it is impossible.

But those messy fringes and ripped jeans definitely gave off a homeless vibe.

6. This dude is a good surfer

Chris Hemsworth looks like a surfer with those medium-long hair

Now I know exactly why Chris looks like a surfer with those medium-long strands tucked behind his ears.

Apparently, he can surf.

7. Looking very slick there

Chris Hemsworth with slicked back hairstyle

Yes, Chris looks so cool with that slicked-back hairstyle.

Kind of reminds me of John Travolta from Grease in the late 70s.

8. Getting ready to ride a motorbike

Chris Hemsworth looks ready to ride a motorbike

Is it just me?

Chris looks like a biker in that black leather jacket.

Someone pass him the helmet, please.

9. Handsome Thor

Chris Hemsworth is the handsome Thor

Of course, I’m going to finish this off with the handsome-looking Thor.

Yes, his long and sweaty hair isn’t exactly tidy but hey…I’ll take it.

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