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Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Siena Mason


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Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery

This is not a game.

I have reasons to believe that Ryan Reynolds had cosmetic surgery and these comparison pictures should tell the whole story.

Check it out.

Has Ryan Reynolds had a nose job?

Ryan Reynolds nose job before and after comparison photo

I forgot where I heard this from.

But based on the above photos, Ryan’s nose looks rather similar so I doubt a nose job has ever taken place.

What about you?

Did Ryan have botox

Ryan Reynolds botox before and after comparison photo

When Ryan smiles or laughs, you can see the wrinkles around his eyes and face cheeks.

Nothing has changed in this regards so I don’t think he’s had any botox.

In saying that, there seems to be something unusual on his forehead but I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt.

Did Reynolds get a hair transplant?

Ryan Reynjolds hair transplant before and after comparison photo

At first, I thought he did.

But after comparison these two pictures, I’m going to say “no”.

Reynolds did have a receding hairline at an early age but I don’t think it has gotten too bad. Maybe just a little bit.

So, a hair transplant is unlikely. He doesn’t need one, really.

What about his teeth?

Ryan Reynolds teeth before and after comparison photo

Well, it looks like Ryan wasn’t born with the perfect teeth.

There was a gap on his front teeth and I believe it was fixed with braces and possibly veneers.

What do you think?

Final Thoughts

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It turns out that plastic surgery is not Ryan’s thing after all. The most he has done were his pearly whites.

That’s all I can see.

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