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9 Amazing Outfits Cardi B Wore During Pregnancy

By Kass Barrera


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When Cardi B gets pregnant, every mother is watching. They want to see what outfits the sexy mama is wearing.

After all, the rapper has a unique taste for fashion so you never know what style she comes up with next. It’s kind of like the weird talks that come out of her mouth…really!

So let’s recap her best 10 pregnancy outfits.


1. Purple Ballerina Skirt

Cardi B in purple ballerina skirt
via Hollywoodlife.com

When Cardi B turned up on stage in this ballerina-inspired mini skirt, some people knew she was hiding something.

I must admit…I wasn’t one of them.

But it was a very smart outfit choice to hide a baby bump, don’t you think?

2. Vintage Flower Piece

Cardi B in a vintage flower piece showing off her baby bump
via Vogue.com

OMG! The singer looks absolutely gorgeous in this vintage style flower piece.

The curve on her belly took the patterns to another level.

3. Pink Disco Dress

Cardi B in a pink disco dress
via Harpersbazaar.com

We all know that Cardi B likes to party and apparently, she’s got a disco on her sleeves.

And I really like the way this long pink dress is wrapping around her body and the fabric also looks comfortable. It’s perfect!

4. The Blue Mermaid

Cardi B looks like a blue mermaid in this outfit
via Hollywoodlife.com

Not sure about you, but she kind of reminds me of a mermaid in this outfit. A pregnant one that is.

5. Tight Black Dress

Cardi B in a tight black dress while pregnant
via Pinterest

When it comes to maternity clothing, it’s either loose or tight.

And here, Cardi shows us how to look stunning in a tight black dress. But I’m kind of wondering whether this dress was meant for new moms. Maybe she just pulled it out from her old closet?

6. White Angelic Long Dress

Cardi B wearing a white angelic long dress

This was the SNL stage where Cardi B announced her pregnancy to the world. I can still remember this angelic performance like it was yesterday.

When she came out in this beautiful white dress and showed off her baby bump. It was magical!

7. Classy Red Jacket and Pants

Cardi B in classy red jacket and pants

When the pregnant rapper went on The Ellen Show, she chose a classy silk red jacket with lace tails and matched it with a pair of business style red pants.

She looks so sexy and elegant at the same time. But then…it all went out the window when she started explaining how her baby was made…

8. Rainbow Hair In White Skirt

Cardi B with rainbow hair in white skirt
Instagram / iamcardib

When Cardi wants to party, not even the unborn can stop her.

The rainbow wig looks awesome though, especially with the white skirt that really made it stood out. Is this the coolest mom in Hollywood or what?

9. Met Gala Queen

Cardi B Met Gala Queen
via Refinery29.com

I’m wondering if anyone actually bowed to Cardi B when she rocked up at the Met Gala in this amazing gown.

She looks like a queen who’s about to give birth to a prince…or princess.

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