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Becky G Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

OMG, Becky G is so cute!

She is looking prettier every year too.

I’m starting to think if the singer has gotten plastic surgery. I mean, it could be the hair and makeup but I won’t go down without trying.

Before and After Pictures

That’s right. I’m doing some comparisons on Becky to see if any procedure took place. Check it out.

Did Becky G have a nose job?

Becky G nose job before and after comparison photo

She didn’t.

While Becky’s nose does look thinner at times, I think it’s the contouring doing its magic. Not a nose job.

You can see her nose looks similar here from the bridge bone down to the tip.

Has Becky had lip fillers?

Becky G lip fillers before and after comparison photo

It’s clear that Becky wasn’t born with pouty lips.

However, she tries to make them look thicker by using lip liner and plumper.

That is not lip injection as far as I can tell.

Did she get her teeth done?

Becky G teeth before and after comparison photo

You may remember when Becky first came onto the scene, her teeth weren’t nice.

She had a teeth gap and they were a bit yellow too.

Thankfully, she fixed it with possibly clear braces and veneers. The teeth whitening also made a huge difference to her look.

Well done!

Did Becky have a boob job?

Becky G boob job before and after comparison photo

I don’t think she did.

Becky does not have small boobs to begin with and they haven’t gone unnaturally large either.

So, I doubt she had breast implants. She may have used pushups to make them look bigger but that is all.

Did she have a butt lift?

Becky G butt lift before and after comparison photo

Personally, I think Becky has a great body shape for her petite size.

Even her butt looks in proportion to the rest of her body and that hasn’t changed.

I don’t think she had her buttocks enhanced.

Final Thoughts

Well, it turns out that Becky didn’t have many cosmetic procedures.

The only thing she has done is her teeth. Everything else on her face and body looks natural to me.

I guess she’s born with it.