Olivia Rodrigo nose job before and after comparison photo

Olivia Rodrigo Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

She is too young to get plastic surgery. This is the first thought that crossed my mind when I did this post. I just didn’t think Olivia Rodrigo would want to temper with her look at this early stage of her career. But, I could be wrong. That’s why I …

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SSSniperwolf lip injections before and after comparison photo

SSSniperwolf Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Let’s cut to the chase. I think SSSniperwolf is absolutely gorgeous! Despite all the funny reactions this female Youtuber does online, she is a total babe and I’m sure most of her subscribers would agree with me. Therefore, it makes sense for me to do these plastic surgery comparisons on …

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The Weeknd nose job before and after comparison photo

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

The Weeknd has pulled off the biggest plastic surgery stunt I have ever witnessed. He got me good. He got me real good! The Crooked Nose job This nose is obviously fake but his makeup artist did a good job in making it as thin and as crooked as possible. …

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Halle Berry nose job before and after comparison photo

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

For a woman over 55, I think Halle Berry is aging quite well. I’m serious and you can see this yourself. That’s why I want to know if she’s had any work done. The following comparison photos should give me some hints. Did Halle Berry have botox? There seems to …

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Gal Gadot smirk on her face

Top 12 Gal Gadot No Makeup Pictures Picked For You

It wasn’t hard picking these. Sometimes, I can’t even tell if Gal Gadot has no makeup on. That’s just how gorgeous her natural bare face is. Don’t take it from me. See it for yourself. 1. Her side face is beautiful I mean this with all of my heart. Gal’s …

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Nicole Kidman botox before and after comparison photo

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I think most people can see that Nicole Kidman had some form of plastic surgery. Needless to say, I am one of them. The only difference is, I let the pictures show me the truth. Just like these ones. Has Nicole Kidman had botox injections? I’m not going to sugarcoat …

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Adele nose job before and after comparison photo

Adele Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

If you ask me, Adele certainly looks different. But I don’t like to speculate on things. I won’t go down the plastic surgery route either unless I have some hard evidence on my hands. That’s why I made these comparison pictures. Has Adele had a nose job? Adele’s nose does …

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Mark Ruffalo in the Clearsil Commercial

7 Young Mark Ruffalo Pictures Before He Was Famous

He seems like a cool and genuine guy. That’s my impression of Mark Ruffalo but was he like this before he got famous? Take a look. 1. He had a happy childhood Mark said he was a happy kid during his childhood and I guess it shows. 2. The teen …

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Ryan Reynolds nose job before and after comparison photo

Ryan Reynolds Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

This is not a game. I have reasons to believe that Ryan Reynolds had cosmetic surgery and these comparison pictures should tell the whole story. Check it out. Has Ryan Reynolds had a nose job? I forgot where I heard this from. But based on the above photos, Ryan’s nose …

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Lily-Rose Depp playing on her laptop

7 Latest Lily-Rose Depp No Makeup Pictures

She has a very unique face. But does Lily-Rose Depp look the same with no makeup? I’d like to see that. 1. Playing on her laptop It’s perfectly normal to play on your laptop at home without makeup. Why not? 2. Swimming at a beautiful beach I wonder where this …

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