Madonna botox before and after comparison photo

Madonna Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

What a queen! As if dominating the 80s and 90s wasn’t enough for her, Madonna is still making a lot of noise in 2021 with her looks alone. If you tell me plastic surgery has nothing to do with it, I wouldn’t believe you. Not until I check these anyway. …

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Elizabeth Olsen nose job before and after comparison photo

Elizabeth Olsen Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I know Scarlett Witch is hot. But that actually makes actress Elizabeth Olsen even more suspicious. Yes, I’m suspecting her of having plastic surgery and I can’t be the only one. You’ll see what I mean. Before and After Photos I’m going to dive deep into Elizabeth’s past and make …

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Britney Spears pale face

Top 9 Pictures of Britney Spears Without Makeup

Please allow me to make an assumption. I think Britney Spears has tattooed eyeliner because every time I see her without makeup, she seems to be wearing it. Don’t believe me? Take a look. 1. Waking up at home Judging by her messy hair, Britney probably just woke up when …

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Zendaya nose job before and after comparison photo

Zendaya Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Let me tell you a little secret. Before I saw Zendaya in the movies, I thought she was a supermodel. Yes, that’s how freakin’ gorgeous she looks. So don’t blame me for suspecting her of having plastic surgery. Not until I finish this anyway. Before and After Pictures In a …

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Ava Max in the kitchen

7 Latest Ava Max No Makeup Pictures Revealed

It’s true. Ava Max looks like a different person without makeup but I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I actually think she looks pretty cool (2 separate words). See for yourself. 1. Taking a selfie in the change room This no makeup selfie must have been taken in the …

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Megan Fox in her acting debut

8 Young Megan Fox Photos Everybody Needs To See

The world agrees that Megan Fox is a babe. But I’m more interested to know when she became so attractive! I mean, she cannot possibly look this good when she was young, right? Of course, I could be wrong. 1. Megan was pretty in her childhood Yes, little Megan Fox …

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Ivanka Trump waking up in bedroom selfie

9 Lovely Photos of Ivanka Trump Without Makeup

Whether you agree with me or not, I think Ivanka Trump looks lovely. I’m not just talking about her face in particular even though this is the area I’ll be focusing on in this post. Yes, I want to see what she looks like without makeup. Check it out. 1. …

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Tori Spelling lip fillers before and after comparison photo

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

It happens. People change, but the transformation that’s been happening with Tori Spelling seems to be rather unnatural. I’m suspecting plastic surgery here. Am I wrong? You tell me. Before and After Pictures There is something going on with this Beverly Hills 90210 babe. Oh yeah…but I’ll need to do …

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Chris Rock facelift before and after comparison photo

Chris Rock Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

They say laughing makes you look older. Every time you laugh, you’re giving your laugh lines and crow’s feet a workout. So, if a comedian like Chis Rock has plastic surgery, would you blame him? I won’t. Before and After Pictures I’m not saying Chris had any work done. I …

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Dove Cameron lip fillers before and after photo comparison

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I don’t make things up. So when I do these plastic surgery comparisons on Dove Cameron, I’m simply letting the pictures do the talking. That’s why it is important to get it right. Just like this. Before and After Pictures These photo evidence took a long time to put together …

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