Nicole Kidman botox before and after comparison photo

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I think most people can see that Nicole Kidman had some form of plastic surgery. Needless to say, I am one of them. The only difference is, I let the pictures show me the truth. Just like these ones. Has Nicole Kidman had botox injections? I’m not going to sugarcoat …

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Julia Roberts nose job before and after comparison photo

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Julia Roberts once said that she will never have plastic surgery. However, I’m not totally convinced. I mean, she is the pretty woman after all. Even at her current age. Before and After Photos That’s why I compared some of Julia’s pictures to see if she’s had any work done. …

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Olivia Wilde enjoying the beach

9 Best Olivia Wilde No Makeup Photos Revealed

I love Olivia Wilde. She is beautiful but there is something magical about her eyes that I can’t explain. So, I’m taking a closer look at her with no makeup. 1. The most natural smile Without the eyeshadow and lipstick, all that’s left is the most natural smile in the …

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Adele nose job before and after comparison photo

Adele Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

If you ask me, Adele certainly looks different. But I don’t like to speculate on things. I won’t go down the plastic surgery route either unless I have some hard evidence on my hands. That’s why I made these comparison pictures. Has Adele had a nose job? Adele’s nose does …

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Rihanna nose job before and after comparison photo

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’m not holding back here. Rihanna should probably thank me for making these plastic surgery comparisons for her too. I literally shut down all the rumors in one hit. You’ll see what I mean. Did Rihanna have a nose job? Despite what everyone says, Rihanna’s nose looks identical to me. …

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Lily-Rose Depp playing on her laptop

7 Latest Lily-Rose Depp No Makeup Pictures

She has a very unique face. But does Lily-Rose Depp look the same with no makeup? I’d like to see that. 1. Playing on her laptop It’s perfectly normal to play on your laptop at home without makeup. Why not? 2. Swimming at a beautiful beach I wonder where this …

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Salma Hayek at school in Mexico

10 Young Salma Hayek Photos Before She Was Famous

What can I say? Salma Hayek made a lot of noise in Hollywood and I think we all know why. But what was young Salma like before fame got hold of her? This should be interesting. 1. The Cute Baby Picture What a cute toddler! You didn’t expect anything less, …

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Angelina Jolie lip fillers before and after comparison photo

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I don’t care what anyone says. To me, Angelina Jolie is still the most beautiful actress in Hollywood even to this day. But I must admit, there are times where I’ve wondered if she’s had any plastic surgery, especially in recent days. I mean, she’s not getting younger. Before and …

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Heidi Klum facelift before and after photo

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

It’s probably nothing. But if there is a slight chance that Heidi Klum has gotten plastic surgery, I want to know about it. I don’t need the so-called “experts” help either. I can do better comparisons myself. Did Heidi Klum have botox? I’m seeing some prominent laugh lines on Heidi’s …

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