Demi Rose Mawby Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Let’s be very honest.

If you have been following Demi Rose on Instagram, these plastic surgery questions would have popped up in your mind a thousand times.

This model has a near-perfect face and body, but are they real or fake?

That’s what I want to find out.

Did Demi Rose have a nose job?

Demi Rose Mawby nose job before and after comparison photo

On the top left, we have a picture of Demi Rose Mawby from her Myspace days.

You can clearly see how attractive her nose was, so I doubt she would even consider a nose job to be honest. She doesn’t need one.

Her nose bridge was already nice and thin. She also has a pointy nose tip and slim nostrils, which is what most women want.

These gorgeous features has not changed.

Did Demi get lip injections?

Demi Rose lip injections before and after comparison photo

This was an easy ‘no’ for me.

Demi has sweet looking lips that works in harmony with the rest of her face. They are not too thick and not too thin.

I just can’t see any evidence of lip fillers here.

Has Demi had breast implants?

Demi Rose Mawby breast implants before and after comparison photo

In case you didn’t know, Demi had an eating disorder which she claimed was the reason behind her smaller breast size.

Based on this ‘before’ photo, I believe her. You can see how skinny her arms were but she also had a decent bust size.

Now that she has regained a healthier weight, her boobs have gotten at least 2 times bigger. If you ask me whether she had a boob job or not, I’m actually 50/50.

I mean, it is possible that Demi’s breasts fluctuate with her weight. But in saying that, the size difference looks a bit extreme here without the help of implants.

What do you think?

Did Demi have a butt lift?

Demi Rose Mawby butt augmentation before and after comparison photo

Most people would agree that Demi’s butt size looks too good to be true.

I’m one of them, so I believe the model might have undergone a buttock augmentation procedure, like a Brazilian butt lift. I don’t think they are implants though, but more like a fat transfer.

Her hip size just looks a bit fake to me. Kind of reminds me of Kim Kardashian, especially if you look at her front on.

Final Thoughts

FYI, Demi Rose has never admitted to having cosmetic surgery (surprise?). But if she really hasn’t gotten any, then I truly believe that she is the most Instagram-Perfect model out there. This girl is stunning!