Sawwtie breast implants before and after comparison photo

Saweetie Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

She did not admit it, nor have denied it. This was the answer from Saweetie when she was asked the “tough question” during an interview. Not fazed by the plastic surgery speculations, the rapper has been deflecting these types of questions in style. So, I’m just going to do the …

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Blackpink Jennie has a cute face and looks good with any glasses

10 Beautiful Blackpink Jennie Makeup-Free Photos

I’ve been a big fan of Blackpink lately. These Korean Kpop girls are absolutely beautiful. One member in particular caught my eyes and that is Jennie Kim. I just love her style, her moves, and of course, her makeup. But what happens when she is makeup-free? Let’s have a look. …

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Has Megan Thee Stallion have a butt lift?

Megan Thee Stallion Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Are they real or fake? This is the kind of plastic surgery questions I keep asking whenever I see Megan Thee Stallion’s gorgeous face and voluptuous body. From her eyes to her toes, everything about this girl just seems too good to be true. So, please, don’t even try to …

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Saweetie with short lashes

Top 7 Saweetie Without Makeup Photos Revealed

I almost gave up. Trying to find photos of Saweetie without makeup proved to be MUCH HARDER than I thought. This girl wears her eyelash extensions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. So please forgive me because these are the best ones I …

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Did Doja Cat have nose job?

Doja Cat Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Something isn’t right. I know Doja Cat has denied all plastic surgery allegations but if you compare the singer’s face with her body, you’ll see that something doesn’t quite add up. Either she is naturally gifted or she is lying. Before and After Photos Don’t get me wrong. I find …

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Megan Thee Stallion looks like she's about to cry

9 Latest Megan Thee Stallion Without Makeup Photos

It’s not even a secret. Megan Thee Stallion is a very pretty girl but she can get quite heavy with her makeup too. That’s why I’m so excited to show you these. Yes, I’m talking about pictures where she is completely barefaced and without makeup. Ones that you probably have …

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Taylor Swift nose job before and after comparison photo

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Don’t hate me for saying this. I think Taylor Swift is the most beautiful female singer of all time. I also believe that her beauty is natural and is not enhanced by plastic surgery. Of course, I always back things up with evidence. Has Taylor Swift had botox? Let’s start …

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James Charles has the cutest smile on Youtube

10 Stunning James Charles Without Makeup Photos

There is a reason why James Charles is the first male to appear on Covergirl. This guy is simply stunning whether he has makeup on or not! Yes, I’m talking about his gorgeous face here. We all know how skillful he is with his palettes and how easily he can …

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Wendy Williams botox before and after comparison photo

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Has she been honest about her plastic surgery? I’m sure this is what fans of The Wendy Williams Show wants to know. On one hand, the beautiful host has never been shy about her procedures, but on the other, there seems to be more than what she has admitted in …

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Doja Cat looks like an innocent cowgirl

7 Latest Pictures of Doja Cat Without Makeup

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s incredible how different Doja Cat looks without makeup and I’m 100% certain you will agree with me soon. I think it’s mainly because of her eyes. When the singer puts on her eyeshadows and lashes, she looks like a different person. See it for …

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