Amal Clooney attending a wedding

6 Young Amal Clooney Pictures That Are Simply Stunning!

It’s been a while since Amal Alamuddin got married to George Clooney. This Lebanese stunner is my definition of brain and beauty. Lately, I’ve been wondering what she looked like when she was young, at least before she officially became Amal Clooney. I guess I just wanted to see if …

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Salma Hayek played a Mexican wife in the movie

Top 10 Salma Hayek No Makeup Photos Revealed

I didn’t believe it. The more I saw Salma Hayek posting pictures of herself without makeup, the more I realize how confident she is in her natural beauty. For a woman over 50, that is really something. Check it out. 1. It was a beautiful morning I don’t know what’s …

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Karol G butt lift before and after comparison photo

Karol G Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’ve been bingeing on Karol G lately. I wanted to know if plastic surgery is the reason why I kept watching her. She is one of the hottest Columbian singers ever and she has admitted to having a procedure. I’ll tell you which one below. But first, let us do …

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Becky G looks cute with acne scars

Top 10 Becky G Without Makeup Photos Revealed

It’s official, guys. I can finally confirm that Becky G looks adorable without makeup too. Anyone who thinks otherwise must see these photos. Yes, I’m serious! 1. It’s a FREE kiss day The singer was in a good mood today so she decided to give a free kiss to all …

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Dua Lipa has skin problems too

Top 7 Dua Lipa Without Makeup Pictures Revealed

I knew it. Before I put this list together, I knew that Dua Lipa would look similar without makeup. And it turns out that I was right. This girl is the definition of pure beauty. Any other cosmetics you put on her face is just secondary. You’ll see what I …

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Natti Natasha nose job before and after comparison photo

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I don’t know Spanish. So I wouldn’t know if Natti Natasha has admitted to having plastic surgery in public. I wouldn’t even understand it if she did. But when I saw her music video on youtube the other day, my first reaction was, this girl is absolutely gorgeous! That’s the …

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Camila Cabello butt lift before and after comparison photo

Camila Cabello Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Long story short. I have witnessed Camila Cabello’s transformation since her pre-debut appearance on The X Factor. So if anyone knows whether or not she’s had plastic surgery, I’ll be one of them. But then, for some strange reason, I’m not so sure anymore. Let me explain. Did Camila Cabello …

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Bhad Bhabie completely barefaced

Top 8 Bhad Bhabie Without Makeup Photos Revealed

It’s only a matter of time. Bhad Bhabie is getting prettier every day, so finding pictures of her without makeup won’t be this easy anymore. Yes, I’m just doing a collection here to record what she looks like before fame starts taking her even further. Here are my top 8. …

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Dua Lipa nose job before and after photo comparison

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I don’t know who to believe anymore. Some people say Dua Lipa photoshopped her photos while others believe she simply had plastic surgery. The singer herself has denied the photoshopping but hasn’t said much about the latter. So I’ll try to find out myself. Did Dua Lipa have lip injections? …

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Anastasia Kvitko nose job before and after photo comparison

Anastasia Kvitko Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’ll be the first to admit that Anastasia (Anastasiya) Kvitko is unlike other Russian glamour models. She is pretty, smart, and is also known as the Russian version of Kim Kardashian. But what fans wanted to know is whether plastic surgery played a role in her success. To be honest, …

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