Katy Perry thumbs up

18 Most Natural Katy Perry Without Makeup Photos

I’m sure you noticed this too. Katy Perry is the type of superstar who uses a fair amount of makeup. So if you’ve been wondering what she looks like when the eyeshadow and lashes are removed, then you’re in luck today. Check these out. 1. Ready For Surprise Being in …

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Nicki Minaj taking a selfie in the shower

12 Times Nicki Minaj On Camera Without Makeup

Forget about Nicki Minaj’s body for a second because that stuff is getting boring. Let’s focus on her face instead because I really want to see what happens when the rapper goes makeup-free! Yes, I’m removing everything. 1. Keeping It Casual It’s not often we get to see Nicki keeping …

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Sarah Jessica Parker was a bright teenager

18 Young Sarah Jessica Parker Photos Screams BEAUTY!

Ever wonder what Sarah Jessica Parker look like when she was young? Here is your chance! The star behind the hottest TV show on the planet…ever, “Sex and the City”, must be a beauty even before her fame, right? Well…let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed with these 18 throwback photos …

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Has Alexis Ren had lip injections?

Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

With such a pretty face and a killer bod, it’s easy to see why Alexis Ren ticks every box to be an Instagram model. This girl is drop-dead gorgeous! So I guess it’s only a matter of time before someone links her with plastic surgery. That someone might as well …

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Did Tom Cruise ever had a nose job?

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Do men get more charming with age? If that’s not the case, then Tom Cruise must have had plastic surgery. Of course, I’m only speculating. At least for now. Before and After Photos Yes, I’m going to do some comparisons on Tom to see if I can find anything. Check …

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Gwen Stefani going for a run

13 Natural Face Pictures of Gwen Stefani without Makeup

For a rock chic, Gwen Stefani never disappoints in the makeup department. Her trademark red lips have been with me for as long as I can remember. Those red hot lipsticks, gorgeous eyelashes, and soulful eyeshadows always gave a deeper meaning to every lyric she sang. Yes, I have always …

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Has Ellen Pompeo had botox treatments?

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Seeing Ellen Pompeo’s face change since the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy is a true blessing. This beautiful woman is officially entering her 50s but she still looks amazing! So, I’m sure many die-hard fans are wondering whether ‘Meredith Grey’ had plastic surgery to sustain her look on screen? I …

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